Welcome to Rainclan


 "Can you hear the rain? Its water is what keeps us heathy and alive. you can see what makes us the greatest Clan in the rainforest. Nothing can stand against the force of water, just as nothing can defeat RainClan warriors when we rise up together. But when trouble comes, RainClan knows how to weave through the dangers, adapting to the changed world, just as the river flows around rocks and over the waterfalls.
We are grace. We are power.
We are RainClan."


                                                                                          About Us

After rainstar died, Splashrain became the leader because, Eagleclaw decided that he didnot want to take on the role of leader.

Splashrain in now known as splashstar. So far she is a wonderful leader, but there is a shortage of cats in the clan because most died in a flood that occured in the clan.  many cats died or were injored. but Splashstar is doing the best for he clan, that she can. she is open to all new cats that would like to join the clan, she is building the clan stronger then ever.

Please join rainclan to make it even stronger!

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