the apprentice den is a very small hollow that gets wider once you get inside. it ends with a huge open space with many rocks and roots on the walls C:

bearpaw- white tom with eyes that shine like stars he has small claws but doesnt need bigger because he is the med cat apprentice

moonpaw- black tom with green eyes he is quiet and loves the moons glow and when it shines on him his pelt looks lighter his mentor is ambertail

sparrowpaw- brown tom with small black spots he is calm strong and is the oldest cat in his litter his mentor is steamfur

otterpaw- brown tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes she always laughs at everything and is almost always smiling and happy she makes hard things easy just by being calm and helpful her mentor is ivytears

splashpaw- white and silver she-cat with crystal blue eyes she is playful and is a tomboy because all her brothers she has the looks of a wonderful warrior and is a natural leader. she has a very strong heart and belives in starclan with al her heart. her mentor is eagleclaw

foxpaw- ginger tom with green eyes he is brave and strong and likes showing off infront his mentor who is inkshadow

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willowpaw- tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes she is quiet and timid but she is funloving and playful around her friends. her older sister heatherpaw. her mentor is thrushwing

whitepaw- a white and ginger tom with white paws and hind legs. he is very quiet but friendly and sensible. he has the makings of a fine warrior. his menor is lunaheart.

 petalpaw- a white she-cat with amber eyes that sometimes looks blue or green depending on her mood. she loves watching petals and leaves in leaf-fall when they flutter down from trees. her mentor is creamfur.


more than 6 moons old, in training to become warriors

heatherpaw-light gold she-cat with purple-blue eyes she was not from this clan but was found during one of the patrols and was tired and hungry so rainclan let her stay her mentor is rockpelt 

frostpaw- a mucular white tom with frosty blue eyes he is very large for his age and his size makes him look more like a new warrior then a young apprentice. he is cute and charming, many shecats think hes cute. his mentor is hawkflight

stonepaw- black tom with green-yellow eyes his claws are very large for his age and he looks and acts much like his mother his mentor is stormshadow

pinepaw-a black tom with deep green-blue eyes he never thinks much of what he is doing and thinks getting in trouble is funny. hes a huge trouble maker and now pulls pranks. his heart is very hard and he is crule to those that are younger then him. his mentor is waveheart

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