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The story of two cats in love

Posted by Spottedmask on August 20, 2012 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (2)
On a rainy day there were two clans. Shadow clan and wind clan. There were two cats too starscream and spottedmask. They were two curios kits and wander from the nursery. They met at the border and became good friends. They went back home and the medicine cat oakclaw had a dream of of blacklmist swirling with clear wind although she didn't under stand she kept an eye out for every One. Many moons past and starscream and spottedmask kept seeing each othe they were warriors now they met a gathering and knew what love ment they told there leaders and left to make new clan as there dream was. They were traveling they found a nice rainforest area and rested for a few moons they soon had kits they had to stay longer and then they found by raincalns dawn patrol and became part of the clan.????

Morningkit and Splashstar a short story of destiny

Posted by Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing on November 19, 2011 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (3)

"Mommy I love you ya know."

"Yes Morningkit, I know" said Splashstar.

The padded back into camp and Splashstar took a rainbow trout from the freshkill pile. Morningkit took a little bite.

"I love fish! It's delicious."

Splashstar smiled. Honeyfur had told her this kit was special. After Thrushwing had joined starclan Morning kit had appeared, and in a tree. Honeyfur told her that she could be Thrushwing herself! Morningkit was always so hyper and playful sometimes Splashstar feels worn down by her but she feels she has a strong connection to this kit that she has adopted and she feels this kit has a strong connection with starclan.

"I had another dream last night, Mommy."

"You did? Tell me about it?" Splashstar asked curiously. She had always been so curious growing up even a bit nosy especially as a kit.

"I was running, through water I think and I fell. Down and down into the water I sank. Suddenly there were stars and two cats. One was tortiseshelled and petite, the other was medium sized and fluffy with a gold coat. They told me I was destined for something. I don't know what. Thats when I woke up. What does it mean."

Splashstar stared down at her paws. " Rainstar, Thrushwing... I don't understand. Here let me get you some more fish."


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I'm Ivytears! My ktis are Bearkit and Stonekit! Bearkit can see Starclan and Stonekit is VERY large!!!

We enjoy having new cats but I will say this much for Rainclan for EVERYONE : If you love Warriors

and you feel left out because no one else reads it...Or everyone reads it faster than you (My predicament)

you will fit right in here! If you are one of the faster readers there are people like you here too! Enjoy the site!



Friend me at :http://www.foopets.com/

Warrior Ceremony

Posted by Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing on March 7, 2010 at 1:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Rainstar called a clan ceremony. Today my kits Hawkpaw, Sunpaw, and Poppypaw would become warriors! I was so happy for them!:D  Hawkpaw was up first. I almost mewled like a kit when Hawpaw got his warrior name, Hawkshadow. Next it was Sunpaw. Rainstar winked at me as Sunpaw stepped up to retreive her warrior name, Sunheart. And last the youngest in my litter Poppypaw. She i s so dedicated and never complains even when she has to change the elder's moss!:wink: Poppypaw become Poppycloud. I almost broke down cryingwith joy when I heard my lan chanting their names:

" Hawkshadow, Sunheart, Poppycloud!"

petalkit otterkit and heatherkit

Posted by Splashstar on March 7, 2010 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (7)

“Hurry up” squeaked otterkit


“Come on how do you expect us to run as fast as you we are younger than you” squeaked heatherkit


“Um, do you guys know how to climb trees” otterkit asked


“No, do you even know how” squeaked petalkit


“No, but that looks too fun to resist” squeaked otterkit as all of the young kits looked up and saw a large tree with vines and branches that looked like they could could hold their weight.


“Do you think we can try to climb it” squeaked heatherkit


“I think we can do it besides with all of us around anything is possible” squeaked petalkit so they all jumped up and missed the tree by a mouse length


“Man, so close but so far” squeaked heatherkit


“What does that mean?”Squeaked petalkit


“She doesn’t know she is just being a show off” squeaked otterkit


“Whatever let’s just try again” heatherkit said annoyed


“Ok in 1 2 3 jump” so they all jumped again


“Again none of us made it” squeaked petalkit being very depressed


“Wrong look” the squeaked came from upward and when the kits looked up they saw otterkit hanging on a branch. “Heatherkit grab my leg and climb up then petalkit you go and heatherkit help her I can get up by myself when you guys are up” so the kits scrambled up the tree and sat there for a little. “This is getting boring come on lets go over there” said otterkit as she pointed with her nose to a branch that stretched over to the other side of a river that was next to it.


“Ok sounds great” squeaked petalkit so they walked over to the branch.


“Whoa!!” squeaked heatherkit “the branch is moving”


“AHHH!!!!” screamed otterkit as the branch broke and landed on the other side of the river. “Ha ha that’s fun, let’s do it again” so they all laughed out loud and had loads of fun.


“Who is on Waterclan territory?!” a fierce voice came from behind some bushes that were in front of them


“Oh no” they squeaked as 4 cats steeped out or the bush. They recognized only aquafur milkclaw and seapaw

“Who are you” said a dark brown tom


“Um well I am otterkit and that is heatherkit and she is petalkit”


“There just kits run along but if we see you ever again we are going to have to fight you ok”


“Ok” otterkit squeaked then the patrol left and went back through the bushes


“How will we get back over to the other side” squeaked petalkit right after the patrol left


“Man we forgot to ask” squeaked heatherkit


“Oh no now we are stuck here” squeaked petalkit


“No we aren’t we can use this” squeaked otterkit pushing a large tree branch that could easily hold their weight and was already half way across the river


“It’s perfect” squeaked heatherkit

“YAY we are not stuck anymore” squeaked petalkit


“Ok you guys push it with me in 1 2 3 PUSH” so they all pushed as much as they could until the branch was touching both sides “come on let’s get home” so the kits walked across the branch and skipped happily all the way back to the camp.


lunapaw's territory

Posted by Splashstar on March 6, 2010 at 9:06 AM Comments comments (1)

"rainstar rainstar rainstar"squeaked lunapaw

"what is it lunapaw" said rainstar while she stood up

lunapaw shuffled her paws"um i thought it was time i should show you where i go every day"

"well lets go" said rainstar as excited as a little kit

"follow me" squeaked lunapaw as she left the leaders den and out the entrance of the clan. then rainstar followed intill they got to the edge of the territory

"is it in our territory?" said rainstar

"this it is look down"said lunapaw and when rainstar looked down she saw a cave with a waterfall in it and a deep cave that looked like it never ends

"should i tell the clan" said rainstar

"i guess so in case there is a battle and i am not there" squeaked lunapaw

"good lets make our way back to camp and i will tell them where it is but they are not allowed in there unless it is important or if you invite them to come how does that sound"

"it sound great lets go back to camp"