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Morningkit and Splashstar a short story of destiny

Posted by Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing on November 19, 2011 at 4:40 PM

"Mommy I love you ya know."

"Yes Morningkit, I know" said Splashstar.

The padded back into camp and Splashstar took a rainbow trout from the freshkill pile. Morningkit took a little bite.

"I love fish! It's delicious."

Splashstar smiled. Honeyfur had told her this kit was special. After Thrushwing had joined starclan Morning kit had appeared, and in a tree. Honeyfur told her that she could be Thrushwing herself! Morningkit was always so hyper and playful sometimes Splashstar feels worn down by her but she feels she has a strong connection to this kit that she has adopted and she feels this kit has a strong connection with starclan.

"I had another dream last night, Mommy."

"You did? Tell me about it?" Splashstar asked curiously. She had always been so curious growing up even a bit nosy especially as a kit.

"I was running, through water I think and I fell. Down and down into the water I sank. Suddenly there were stars and two cats. One was tortiseshelled and petite, the other was medium sized and fluffy with a gold coat. They told me I was destined for something. I don't know what. Thats when I woke up. What does it mean."

Splashstar stared down at her paws. " Rainstar, Thrushwing... I don't understand. Here let me get you some more fish."

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Reply ripplingwave
8:36 PM on April 1, 2012 
good, not very detailed and a bit quick to the point, but good
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
1:37 PM on November 20, 2011 
Splashstar says...

glad you think so
Reply Splashstar
1:09 PM on November 20, 2011