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Warrior Ceremony

Posted by Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing on March 7, 2010 at 1:48 PM

Rainstar called a clan ceremony. Today my kits Hawkpaw, Sunpaw, and Poppypaw would become warriors! I was so happy for them!:D  Hawkpaw was up first. I almost mewled like a kit when Hawpaw got his warrior name, Hawkshadow. Next it was Sunpaw. Rainstar winked at me as Sunpaw stepped up to retreive her warrior name, Sunheart. And last the youngest in my litter Poppypaw. She i s so dedicated and never complains even when she has to change the elder's moss!:wink: Poppypaw become Poppycloud. I almost broke down cryingwith joy when I heard my lan chanting their names:

" Hawkshadow, Sunheart, Poppycloud!"

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