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The 58th Hunger Games

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Name: Splashstar

Gender: Female

Age: 20 moons

Rank: Leader

Siblings and parents:

                mom- waveheart

                dad- dead

                sibilings- all dead except foxfur

Crush: Riverclaw

Mate: not yet

Kits: not yet

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Reply Featherpaw
2:42 AM on August 26, 2013 
Hey wondering how i can become a med cat apprentice. i have memorised all the herbs!
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
3:39 PM on February 8, 2012 
hey wondering if u could put thrushwing in starclan much appreciated :)
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
3:50 PM on November 19, 2011 
Hello! Morning kit appears she is the reincarnation of thrush wing
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
3:00 PM on November 19, 2011 
she is old
Reply Splashstar
2:44 PM on November 19, 2011 
thats a good idea thrushwing!
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
2:40 PM on November 19, 2011 
ok we should have a reincarnation kit that we find in a tree :)
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
2:17 PM on November 19, 2011 
Tsunami's clan has attacked. I fought bravely and my kit hawkflight was almost killed i leaped in front of him and was severely injured. should thrushwing die?
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
2:11 PM on November 19, 2011 
Im stayinG!!!!
Reply SongEcho
7:39 PM on December 26, 2010 
Hello im New
Reply shorekit
8:09 PM on August 15, 2010 
yeah and its kinda making me mad and i wanna know whats going on im saying its u it might be someone else who had the waterstar idea first
Reply shorekit
8:26 PM on August 14, 2010 
um hay do u know of anything that is like ihatewaterstar.com? because i got somthing like that and a [email protected] and the only person that it comes down to is... you i've also been getting comments with people saying "waveheart posted a forum post about u your mean" i wanna know what the heck is going on
Reply shorekit
5:40 PM on August 10, 2010 
it does? no it doesn't.... well when i get on it doesn't
Reply Frostkit
6:57 PM on August 1, 2010 
ok ty
Reply shorekit
2:45 PM on July 29, 2010 
wait.... what? what do u mean? i haven't been on hear for a while rusty broke the keyboard and what do u mean by hack?
Reply shorekit
8:07 PM on July 24, 2010 
my computer wont let me type eye (the letter) for some reason
Reply shorekit
8:07 PM on July 24, 2010 
yeah i was thngng that u be splashpaw n my clan and me would n ur clan
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
11:01 AM on July 21, 2010 
hm i like the second one the first one can be her as a warrior
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
5:59 PM on July 19, 2010 
aw that will be really sad but when u die i get really depressed and commit suicide i wi ll become starkit and u will be splashkit they with grow up together as best friends when finally splashkit and starkit are leader and deputy what do u think :)
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
5:26 PM on July 18, 2010 
of course i will if i have enough time on my hands
Reply Morningkit / StarClan Thrushwing
1:06 PM on July 18, 2010 
thnx ;)

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