hay its splashkit again and here im showing the dens that some cats have. well sofar not too many cats have dens, so hey lets try this again. ok so now if you play games you actially get your own den everyone already has one there just empty so you can actially decorate you dens so come on lets make your dens look good.

need help

the objects on the pic of your den is what you have

the mouse with the number on it is how many peices of prey you have

if you fill up the entire page full of stuff you get your own den background!!!!

leaders den

what?....rainstar doesnt was a boring den eather

rainstars den-  has everything in it!!!!

warrior dens!

ivytears and thrushwing are the only warriors with decorated dens so far

ivytears den- puddle, flowers, vines, flowers, lilypad, tree

thrushwings den- moss bed, feathers, fruit, flowers, vine

apprentice dens

there are only 3 apprentice with decorated dens!

heatherpaws den- honey, dried leaves

otterpaws den- 75

willowpaws den-  waterfall, mossbed, puddle, lily pad, 3 rocks, 2 peices of fruit, 1 feather, 1 puddle grass

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