i under stand that my website is geting alitle um well you know so i made this hope you like it

in the future i will try to make my own games like a warriors one but for now i am going to do other games (for the kits ;D)

all cat old enough to catch pray gather (including kits)

 i am splashpaw and welcome to the game page as you may know rainstar made this page to make the kits have fun. well i have a way to make even more fun!

we have decided that we should make this more than a game, well I had this idea.

ok, from now on we think if you want to if you play one of the games and you do the best you win prey  (money). if you have enough of this prey i will alow you to buy something from the prize den that will go to your den and you will be able to play with it. for example a game or some moss so you can play moss ball

if you play the warriors hunting game tell rainstar your score and she will turn it into prey

in the name game you just tell rainstar the name and she judges you on howmuch she likes the name

kitten maker is the same as the name game you will have to send rainstar a pic of your cat that you made and she will give you prey by how much she likes it

the puzzle is by what your time is or how fast you do it and that time will be turned into prey

the snake game is your score and practially the same at the hunting game

fish CATcher is your score two all you have to do is send it to rainstar

the block game thingy is by level so just tell rainstar your level

well you are probially wondering how you tell rainstar your scores. well now you can tell her at at the bottom of this page where chat thing is


 also you will need to know why you would want to get prey well there are a few reasons 1 is that it is fun and 2 is that rainstar will put what you bought with prey next to your pic so that everyone will know that you are great at games 3 is that at the end of the month whoever has the most prizes will get to have a what ever day which is that all you have to do if you are a warrior is nothing and just hang around  


but if you want to do any of that will have to tell rainstar what you want to bye so you can do that

hope you like it and now the prize den is at the bottom of this page hope you have fun =D

find you warrior cat name

what does your warrior cat look like

all the kits love puzzles but look out this is harder that you think what makes it esey is that they slightly give you the background and rember to press that space it will come in handy

this is letery loads of fun just takes skill....dont let the snake eat its self let you make it fat first

well hay once again....nothing bout warriors but fun......i stink at this..... i grade you by level

lets go catch for fish RAINCLAN STILE, underwater!!!! thats the best way to go

ha ha fishies....but its a rule of life.....you CAN eat what is smaller then you....but dont even try if its larger...but dont worrey you will grow

                                                      THE PRIZE DEN


dried leaves- most of the time brown leaves that crackle when you step on them but also make good bedding                      price: 3 pieces of prey

flowers- sweet smelling plants with petals with colors that light up your den            price: 3 pieces of prey per flower

honey-a sweet treat that is good for your throught if it hurts or just if you want somthing sweet          prise: 5 pieces of prey

vines- all the kits love to play with this it is stringy and just somthing about it makes the kits well love it                                 prise: 5 pieces of prey

fruit- sweet apples, sour lemons what else would make your day sweeter. how about somthing new for your den, wait fruit can do that too         price: 5 pieces of prey

feathers- ok who besides me loves an extra soft bed lined with the solfest feathers eva ok well you get some so line your bed or play                 price: 5 peices of prey

stones- this smooth stone is great to have if u want to sharpen your claws, keeping them sharp can help them grow long and strong to where they won't get wrenched. also you can line your den and/or your puddle for decoration or just for fun 5 peices of prey each

Stones wallpaper

moss ball- a great toy that kits love to play with and toss aroud with each other        Price: 7 pieces of prey

grass- this just looks good with everything is green and a soft beed liner            7 peices of prey

puddle grass- yes this is tecnically the same as grass only this is to outline your puddle      7peices

lily pad- if you have a puddle you cant just let it be plain put this in your puddle or just next to you to make your den sparkle  10 peices of prey

moss bed- this should probially be the first thing you get for your den          10 prey

ferns- a fuzzy and comfortible additon to your den that will make you den look fabulos and soft                                                 10 peices of prey

cattials- and there not ours.. these little bundles of joy are REALLY fun for a kit to play with and fun for clawing and stuff       10 peices of prey

tree- small tree you can plant next to your bed or in the middle of your den      price:  20 pieces of prey

butterfly- these blightly colored butterflys are great to see in your den. they flutter around inside which makes a special glow 20 peices of prey.......you pick the color you want

puddle- a small pool of water that you can put anywhere in your den in that you can wash your paws or get a nice drink     price:  25 pieces of prey

jems- these precious jems are very rare and take some great eyes to spot. this is something of value that you can show off infront of your friends. although the tiny size some can be rather large and brightly colored                                                          20 peices of prey for small        35 peices of prey for large

tree stump: a small tree stump that we can move into your den it is very good to claw if you are stressed but this has more to it....kits love to play on it and stand on top and pretend they are clan leader. you can also sit on the top for a better vew     prise: 30 peices of prey

stream and waterfall- this is for your puddle. it is very small so it is mostly for decoration. but this little peice of decoration is very valuble and can keep you den lively and it will help you fall asleep quicker because of its gentle noise. however the stream is more of use because of its clean and not dirty like the common puddle water. also it can hold some jems that you may want to keep secret                           40 peices of prey

omanwaterfall.jpg image by dubaibilly

tell rainstar your scores

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