gathering place- on a small island with a large tree called great tree where the leaders make anouncements

cats that went to the gathering

honeyfur eagleclaw inkshadow greycloud duskpelt wolfclaw sandflower hawkpaw sunpaw splashpaw foxpaw

rainstars report- we have 2 new warriors wolfclaw and sandflower who seamed to have made a home in the warriors den we also have many new 2 new apprentices foxpaw and splashpaw not much happened in rainclan this moon besides finding a small patrol of waterclan cats in rainclan but they were only trying to show a new queen the training pool.

waterstars report- we have 3 new warriors sunrise, seafur, and feathercrystal have made a great addition to my clan we also have 3 new apprentices and 2 new litters of kits prey is running well our clan is thriving but we will be keeping a close eye on tsunamiclan we found a patrol of their warriors in our clan 

puddlestars report- a dog pack entered our territory but we chased them off other then that my clan is in good health

tsunamistars report- I do not know what you mean waterstar my warriors would never step foot in your clan! other than this our clan is to thriving and we have a new litter of kits

what happend

this is where we tell you what some of the cats did at the gathering who they met how they reacted and how they acted

sunpaw (right) meets sunset (left)- love at first sight                          oh dear 2 clans how will this turn out

sun meats sun

sunpaw walked along with her clan down the slope toward the gathering. It was not her first gathering not even close but every single time she thought something important would happen. she fell in step beside hawkpaw thought she didn't normally hang out with him because he was sometimes a showoff but tonight she wanted to try something different.

"do you think all the other clans will be here?" hawkpaw asked.

"of corse they will! what do you think? Puddleclan evaporated along with their water” she spat anoyed.

"Ok! i was just trying to start a conversation but with you that’s imposible!"

"sorry I'm just nervous I feel like something is going to happen tonight."

"of corse something will happen! The moon will go up the leaders will call all cats to gather. Come on where have you been."

"I’ve been with you when I should be with the warriors."

"what are you guys talking about?" splashpaw asked coming up from behind.

"just how clueless sunpaw is ." hawkpaws mew was full of amusement.

"am not!" she defended herself.

  as hawkpaw wondered off near the tsunamiclan cats sunpaw went up ahead to find a place to sit with a better view of  highrock. finally waterstar gave a flick of her tail signaling that they could join her and few othe cats below.

“I guess I missed my chance to meet someone new.”she muttered to myself before a tom almost twice my size ran into my back

"Hay! watch where you’re going!" she said defensively.

"sorry! I wasn't paying atention."

. "well I can see that!" she spat back.

Sunpaw let out a sigh and spoke again "sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude." she said apolligeticly.

"thats ok i'll look where i'm going next time." The tom promised.

"shh! the meeting is about to start!" sunpaw said quickly before padding away to sit with inkshadow and sandflower . she was upset for leaving him but if he wanted to sit with her he would have asked. she shook her head to clear all thoughts of him before seeing his amber gaze in her imagination. She kept looking back at the tom,she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. she looked to her side to see him looking back. So she looked away and tried to pretend she never looked at him, but her her heart lifted and she smiled. she flattened his ears in embarrassment and shame as inkshadow looked over at him.

"would you quit flertting with another clan can and listen to the gathering!" he hissed in amusement.

"i am not flertting…I mean whats going on!"

“nice try but i think i've had enough exsperance to know when a cat likes another even if I am no older than a newly aged senior warrior." his whiskers twitched in amusement as he spoke.

"your really still that young…I thought you were old?" she said still embarrassed

"well rainstar is 4 moons younger but whose counting” he chuckled

 “better listen to the gethering!"inkshadow said as sunpaw realized he missed what sounded like something important. the gathering began to break up as cats began to pad toward their clan but instead she padded over to the tom and pawed his side.

"i'm sunpaw! what's your name?" sunpaw asked inthusiasticly but not knowing why.

"sunpaw? i'm sunrise i was just made warrior yesterday." he said but she could tell he was trying to keep his voice from shaking.

"really? did waterstar anounce it? i wasn't really paying attention.

"then we're even!"

"i guess so!" she answered. they held each other’s gaze for a while until sunpaw finally spoke up.

"i got to go" she said so she started walking toward her clan .

"wait!" he called to her.

Whats going on here I really have to go but there is something important about him I can feel it. She thought so she turned back around

"i-i have to see you again meet me here tomorrow night!"

"what? i can't do that! it would break the warrior code!" she called back padding up to him once more.

"no, just trust me, please."

"okay, i'll come." she answered before turning to join her clan.

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