The Medicine Cat Den


 The medicine cat den is surrounded with roots and herbs but sharp thorns that can give a hurtful scratch to an intruder that does not know what to look for. the den was found by honeyfur when she was looking for herbs, she thought i would be a woderful medicine cat den because of small sheves on the inside, protection, and the surrounding herbs.

medicine cats-

she-cats or toms in charge of finding herbs and healing wounds

bearheart- white tom with eyes that shine like stars. he is great with herbs and other cats. he is the medicine cat.


honeyfur- orange tabby she-cat with green eyes that in the winter are more brown she has a strong conection with starclan and comunicate with rosepetal who is in waterclan. she also has dreams about the past and sometimes the future she is rainstars youngest daughter and is the medicine cat

talk to your med cat

herb list

a list herbs medicine cats use to heal wounds

alder bark- best for toothaches

borage leaves- best used to treat feavers can also help a queen produce milk

burdock root- good for cuts and scrapes espeially rat bites

catmint- treats blackcough, whitecough, and greencough can also help relax a cat

celandine- is best to treat ailments of your eyes

chamomile- used to calm cats and give them strength

chervil plant- used for infected wounds

chervil root- is best for bellyache

chickweed- a good substitute for greencough

cobwebs- to stop bleeding

coltsfoot- good for kitcough

comfrey- best for healing broken bones

daisy leaves- work best for aching joints

dock leaves- best fot making your coat slippery

feverfew- treat head pain

goldenrod- treat aching joints and stiffness

honey- to soothe throats

horsetail- help stop bleading

juniper berries- good for calming a cat

marigold- good for dressing wounds and healing infections

mouse bile- to get rid of ticks.      *if i had a picture of mouse bile you would die*

nettle leaves- to treat swelling

poppy seeds- best herb to numb pain and have a good night sleep

ragwort and lambsear- mountain herbs for strength

snakeroot- used to counter poison

tansy- to treat coughs

thyme- soothes agitated cats

watermint- good treatment for bellyache

wild garlic- for many cuts and scrapes

yarrow- used to soften paw pads

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