moon pool-a pool that the leader medicine cat and new warriors go to talk to starclan when they touch their nose to the moonstone they can breath underwater

starclan- where cats go when they die

opalstone-silver she-cat with crystal-blue eyes she was rainstars grandmother but died while giving birth to crystalstream she lead the way to rainclan by stars but said there is another to lead waterstar to rainclan

darkblade- the cat who was prophesied by opalstone to help find waterclan. he is the mate of opalstone and is dark gray with orange eyes

RainStar- tortoise-shell she-cat with light blue eyes she is very playful and came from oceanclan where it got seperated because of a flood. Rainstar has 6 kits who are now eather senior warriors or in starclan. she lost her last life when she got trapped in a rabbit hole during a flood. 

pondfrost- a white she-cat with silver blue eyes she was a loner most of her life but died loyaly to rainclan buy saveing the nursery from a dog attack she chased the dog away but it gave her a scratch on the neck she was alive for awile but died and joined starclan

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