here is the nursery a large hollow tree with moss and leaves growning all around it with the thick roots inside it, it can hide kits in its walls or on its roof  *like a spy* :)


she- cats expecting or nursing kits

thrushwing-light gold she cat with darker patches and aqua eyes she got banished from windclan for no reason and became a rouge to start looking for a new clan she found rainclan and rainstar let her become a warrior of rainclan she has 5 kits she had with lightningstrom

pinekit- a gray tom with amber eyes and a lighter gray chest hes playful loving and never stops beliving that starclan is there to guide him

oakkit- a ginger kitten that looks just like his mother his eyes are a green blue color he is a big trouble maker

honeyfur- ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes that in the winter are more brown she has a strong conection with starclan and comunicate with rosepetal who is in waterclan. she also has dreams about the past and sometimes the future she is rainstars youngest daughter and is the medicine cat. she has fallen in love with steamfur which starclan DOES alow and now has 2 kits. she still works her duties as a medicine cat and a queen

shorekit- a tortoiseshell she-kit with eyes that are just like honeyfurs. she is the daughter of honeyfur and steamfur. she is playful funney and very fun to be around. she has a great personality and we know that she will be a wonderfur warrior when she gets older.

spottedkit- a spotted she-kit that looks just like her father. she is sweet and loves to play games with all the other kits. she just likes to share the love that she has so much of. her mother is honeyfur and her father is steamfur.

creamfur- a quiet but normaily happy cream colored she cat with green eyes when she was younger she lived in oceanclan and was rainstars apprentice, but when the clan shattered she went with rainstar to help make the new clan. her mate is wolfclaw and she has 4 kits.

rowankit- a golden brown tabby tom with eyes just like his fathers. he is kind to all those around him. sometimes he likes his distence away from others and his precious alone time.

snowkit- a pure white she-kit with blue eyes. she likes to lay in the shade. she loves rain and lets every chilly drop of it soothe her.

soilkit- a brown tabby tom with brown eyes. he has a white chest. his attitude seems to flow out of his heart. he is very stelthy and can sneek up on anyone.


Roseheart- a brown tabby cat with green eyes. is mates with a kittypet named whiskers and clan kit is Rainkit.



Rainkit- a red tabby she-kit with green eyes who is 4 moons old. she has a father and a sister who are kittypets.

kits with no mothers- none

riverkit- a dark grey tom with blue eyes he has a dry sence of humor and can make a joak out of anything. he is at the age of an apprentice but when they found him he had an ingery. now he is recovering before he becomes an apprentice. no one knows who his mother was or his father. he is kind and a great friend to anyone who meets him.

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