the camp- probially the biggest place in rainclan, it is an always wet piece of territory with many willow trees and moss. because of rain, a big pond has formed in the middle of the territory which makes rainclan camp very different, but special. rainclan camp is very well protected because of the pond which most clans can not go through without slipping many times because of the moss. rainclan cats though like to wade or walk though the pond but dont slip because there unique ability of having hard paw pads and sharp claws. there is much moss at the bottom of the pond which is good for protection and bedding that is very comfortible for the elders

highstone- a stone the leader makes anouncements on.

under cave- a cave that was found underwater under the waterfall near highstone. it is under a mountain that rainclan thought was normal but is actially 1/2 hollow. the cave hides many large fish that rainclan can now catch. some of the fish are so big it takes 2 cats to catch them.

freshkill pile- at the roots of a tall tree that rainclan keeps all the fresh kill they caught in that day in a pile

the river- a river whare many fish swim it is right outside the camp so anyone can go there and lay beside it or go fishing.

moonlight cave- a dark cave with a stream on the side that has a shaft of light that comes from the top the light looks like moonlight because there is a blue crystal where the light comes from that turns the light blueish

rushing spring- a small pool of water in the middle of rainclan territory there is large amount of moss that is great for beding. sometimes there is an adder or 2 which always makes a good meal for an elder of queen. there is a small amount of fish but with the special skill of rainclan cats which is hard paw pads that dont slip and swimming, the cats can catch anything that comes to the pool for a drink.

beach- a calm relaxing beach many cat like to calm down on it and they can swim in it to get rid of there ticks or a smell that they have been trying to get rid of

waterfall cave- a cave at the edge of rainclan territory that lunapaw spends most of her time it has a waterfall in the back and a cave that goes even farther back untill there is a pirfect circle at the top that the moon shines in

crossing branch- a branch that streches across rainclan and waterclan territory it was pushed by 3 kits that got stuck on the wrong side of the river so they pushed it across so they could get back home

training pool- a small pool of water that the kits learn to swim when they are little and dont know how. it has 2 small water falls that kits love to slide down when the queens pick them up. the waterclan kits and queens can come here because waterclan does not have another place like it. one time one rainclan kit caught a fish that slipped into the pool


vigil tree- an uprooted tree next to the entrance that can hold up to 4 full grown cats at once the the cats that are new warriors sit vigil here because it overlooks all of rainclan camp

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