this is the warriors den

  The warriors den is surounded by moss,vines,and stones. It is a very open space once you get inside and the moss surounding the entrance can keep in warmth in cold winters. the warriors den was picked out by sreamfur because of its protection and warmth. 

senior warriors-

Waveheart- blue gray she-cat with blue eyes she is brave strong-hearted and loves to play. she is 91 moons old.

ambertail- anber colored she cat with green eyes. She is swift and loyal to her new clan and will never disobey an order.  She is 75 moons old.                 

thrushwing-light gold she cat with darker patches and aqua eyes she got banished from windclan for no reason and became a rouge to start looking for a new clan she found rainclan and rainstar let her become a warrior of rainclan she has 3 kits she had with lightningstorm. She is aproximetly 82 moons old.

ivytears- midnight black she cat with yellow-green eyes she has very sharp fangs and claws and was from shadowclan when she was a kit but her mother nightwing told her to go to rainclan for a safer home and when she found rainclan. rainstar took care of her like she was her own kit. She is aproximetly 68 moons old


toms or she-cats without kits

fernwhisper- gray tabby she-cat with green eyes she is sweet around her clan but fierce in battle. she is 58 moons old

rockpelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes she is strong and determined but knows when to back down she is very loyal to her clanshe is very young around the age of most apprentices but was easily trained so became a warrior faster             

brackenmask- dark brown tabby tom with a slightly lighter muzzle he is brave and strong his mate mapleleaf  and he loves her very much 

sandflower-light orange she-cat with green eyes and has small black spots on her nose she never got in trouble when she was younger but now if she knows she did something wrong she is very sorry

hawkflight- light cinnamon tabby tom with green eyes he is very brave and normally stands in front of wingfeather to protect her he loves her and always wanted to have kits with her


wingfeather- a white she-cat with a slightly darker tail she has blue eyes and is very playful she never seams to be scaired of anything. she loves hawkflight

heatherpelt-light gold she-cat with purple-blue eyes she was not from this clan but was found during one of the patrols and was tired and hungry so rainclan let her stay


ottersplash- brown tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes she always laughs at everything and is almost always smiling and happy she makes hard things easy just by being calm and helpful

foxfur- ginger tom with green eyes he is brave and strong and likes showing off infront of his crush.

willowheart- tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes she is quiet and timid but she is funloving and playful around her friends. her older sister heatherpaw.

 petalflight- a white she-cat with amber eyes that sometimes looks blue or green depending on her mood. she loves watching petals and leaves in leaf-fall when they flutter down from trees.


frostfur- a mucular white tom with frosty blue eyes he is very large for his age. he is cute and charming, many shecats think hes cute.


whitefoot- a black and ginger tom with white paws and hind legs. he is very quiet but friendly and sensible.


riverclaw- a dark grey tom with blue eyes he has a dry sence of humor and can make a joke out of anything.  no one knows who his mother was or his father. he is kind and a great friend to anyone who meets him.


stonepelt- black tom with green-yellow eyes his claws are very large for his age and he looks and acts much like his mother


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